The Five reasons to use Response Realtors to buy your next home

1. We work for you and take care of your needs throughout the buying experience.

Not all buyers have been through the process before We also work with a lot of first time buyers. Whatever your situation, we treat you like the unique buyer you are. We not only walk you through the process, but talk you through it as well.

2. We work with buyers and sellers which gives us expert perspective from both sides.

We have many years experience in the industry and a great team of Realtors so that we can assure that every client gets the best deal possible with a sound investment. We work together as a team so you are not only getting one agent but you are getting our entire office behind you.

3. We care for you and keep your best interests in mind.

We recommend consulting with a mortgage consultant, accountant, and/or financial planner before making a final decision on which mortgage to choose. CPAs can tell you the long-term effects on your income. We do this to make sure that all buyers know exactly what they are getting.

4. We want to make sure that your home is a sound investment.

We work with some of the best independent inspectors in the business and we highly recommend you use one. Hiring a professional to conduct a pre-purchase home inspection assures that you have made a sound and stable investment.

5. We work with local lenders to help you get your Dream home no matter the circumstances.

We can suggest and ask yours or our mortgage professional to help you review and repair your credit file in advance. All of this is done between you and the lender keeping your security and privacy in mind. Then when everything is set we can get back to work and find you you dream.

This is how we assure the you get Responsive, Respected Results!

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